The world's most powerful systems platform, purpose-built for AI


The NVIDIA® DGX-2™ is an integrated software and hardware platform with first-in-class performance of over 2 petaFLOPS with 16 fully interconnected GPU's. The DGX-2 is the most advanced platform for taking on the most complex AI challenges.

Why USe the DGX-2

- Unbeatable performance of > 2 petaFLOPS from a single system that allows new AI model types that were previously impossible.
- Ground breaking scalability that allows the training of 4X bigger models with 10X the performance of an 8-GPU system.
- Versatile design that allows the use of virtualization to maximize the throughput and efficiency.
- Unmatched RAS characteristics, backed and supported by Nvidia expertise

The DGX-2 Value Proposition

- State of the art hardware architecture including NVSwitch that allows upto 2.4TB/s of bi-section bandwidth
- Optimized Operating System image with support for KVM Virtualization
- Pre-built AI/DL software stack
- AI/DL Expertise and Model libraries